Our Favorite…{Sunscreen}

People say we're spoiled. With sunshine. Yes, we people here at Southern California enjoy sunshine a little too much, and most of us are actually okay celebrating Fall with tanks and shorts.

But whether you're a bride, a guest, or just out and about on a normal day, make SPF your best friend! A quick Google search will let you how much damage the UV rays can do to your skin. We always recommend our brides to use SPF, and there are some tried-and-true sunscreens that we love to use with makeup (because, well, sunscreen and makeup and photography don't always play nice together..). One of the best we've used is Shiseido Anessa Sunscreen.


Why We Love It

Anessa sunscreens are famous for their staying power. Good staying power means that it won't run or ruin your makeup if you're sweating, which means you don't have to worry about keep reapplying. There are different formulas for different needs and skin types (and thanks to Amazon we now can get them here in the US!)

The consistency is more liquid and watery than a lot of sunscreens, and we love it because it feels lighter and not greasy. Most people underestimate the proper/effective amount of sunscreen to use, and the watery consistency makes it so much easier to layer and "slather it on". 

If you never liked wearing SPF products, this coveted Japanese sunscreen is worth a try. We can always use our mad skills to give our clients flawless skin, but we love knowing that we can help them achieve healthy, radiant skin on their own :)