Stewart Uy photography

Stewart Uy photography


Studio MM&B was established in 2013 when three girlfriends, Manning, Monica and Betty, who share the same passion for makeup, hair styling, arts, fashion, and all gorgeous things decided to join forces to create a team that celebrates our love for beauty and our enthusiasm in helping people look and feel beautiful. 

Now led by Manning and Monica, our team has years of experience in bridal, fashion, runway, commercial, and various events styling, we enjoy the many genres and aspects of Beauty, and we are always looking for fresh, new projects to boost our creativity. We are California State Board Licensed Cosmetologists; setting high standards for ourselves and being well-prepared allow us to offer our services knowledgeably and skillfully. 

It's our great joy to witness our clients fall in love with our artistry and allow us to transform an inspiration into a look that stays true to their personality and taste. We believe beauty comes from within, and that's why we believe our expertise and aesthetics, along with the highest-quality products in our kits, are tools that will help fulfill our client's visions, and we promise to always give 100%.


“Every client deserves to enjoy life’s special moments feeling Modern, Marvelous, and Beautiful”


Chief Stylists


Manning Lee


I love makeup.

I dream about makeup.

I can study makeup and hair for hours, but can’t finish a page of Harry Potter.

I graduated from the best makeup school: Make Up Designory.

I wear makeup every day. (Well, almost every day.)

I heart all my brides, clients who I can play makeup/hair with.

I believe in high quality than high quantity.

I’m obsessed with my dog.

I possibly have the most beautiful hair in the world.  (At least that’s what everyone says ;)

I like everything new except friends!

I have two best partners.

I miss my mom.

I am doing what I love and I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

“I was hoping that through helping people see the beauty in themselves,
I could try and find it in me.” --Kevyn Aucoin 

And this is what I believe.



You grew up in a small town surrounded by sunshine, beach and mountains.  
You learned art in its most natural way.

You are so blessed to have loving parents, sister, brother; best husband and a cute little one in life.

You are the oldest and the wildest kid of 3.
You were (and still are) the bossy sister and known as a rule breaker.

You have overdeveloped tear ducts. You can cry in any location and any occasion.

You are a dead romantic, sometimes boarder unrealistic.  
You believe every story needs to have a happy ending.

 You are picky and stubborn, and you don’t take no for an answer.
You either do it right or don’t do it at all.

You spend way too many hours reading fashion magazines, tutorial YouTube videos,
and wedding blogs instead of sleeping.

You have makeup and hair products enough for 4 life times, and yet you continue to buy.

You can’t leave the house without drawing your eye brow.

You think makeup is a reflection of a person’s true self, not a disguise.

You give 120% of yourself to your clients, and still think there is something more you should do.

You believe colors can produce art; but it is, - the heart that creates masterpiece.

You are Monica Chiu, the proud co-founder of studio MM&B.



“Behind every successful woman, there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”



Senior Stylists




I am your Best Friend!

I can't live without live without hydration masks, facial oil, and Lush
exfoliating scrubs.

My dream travel destination is the backstage of fashion weeks fashion runways.

I love makeup and hair because there is no limit to what you can do and accomplish in beauty industry. I love the fact that my skills, my talents and my visions constantly expends through my experience. It is what I have in passion and I die for those confidant loving smiles.

Emilie Brill


I am Vibrant!

I can't live without my kitty, Frankie.

My dream travel destination is France.

I love makeup and hair because I love seeing somebody feel
confident and beautiful.



I am Humble, Patient and Meticulous!

I can't live without Puff me hair powder spray and NARS radiant creamy concealer!

My dream travel destination is Tokyo, Japan.

I love makeup and hair because I get to know somebody on a personal level during special events in their lives and make them look and feel their best.




I am always Excited!

I can't live without Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo(It's absolutely amazing)

My dream travel destination is Australia.

I love makeup and hair because because it is fulfilling to make connections with my clients while making them feel beautiful at the same time. Also it is always fun!



I am Positive !

I can’t live without my family.

My dream travel destination is South Africa.

I love makeup and hair because it makes me & my client happy.



I am a Perfectionist and I am Spunky !

I can’t live without my Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil.

My dream travel destination is Barcelona.

I love makeup and hair because of the experience I get to have afterwards. I put on makeup for special occasions, so getting ready makes me happy to experience something memorable!




I am Enthusiastic!

I can't live without all my highlighters.

My dream travel destination is Seoul, Korea.

I love makeup and hair because it allows me to bond with so many people. It allows me to meet and work with so many different types of people! Also to see someone love themselves a little more when they see my work, brings me so much joy!  



I am Mandi Li!

I can’t live without God and inspiration

My dream destination is too long to list, but Finland, Greece, and Bora Bora are on the top of the list. 

I love makeup and hair because I can bring out the beauty in people.



I am A Dreamer! 

I can’t live without Concealer, mascara, and eye brow pencil. 

My dream destination is Maldives

I love makeup and hair because It can get people the confidence they deserve.