After Makeup & Hair Session

After a Makeup & Hair Session, may it be Trial, E-Session, or wedding day, the best comment we can get is when the bride says, “Wow, I love it! I wish I can wake up like this everyday!” We give ourselves a secret pat on the back with a wink. Then oftentimes the bride whispers, “O.M.G..How am I going to take the makeup off, though?..”

While we all wish we can go to sleep and wake up with bright eyes and perfectly tousled hair, proper “make-off” is important for maintaining skin and hair health.

We only use products that are tried and true and safe for most skin types. But however good a makeup product is, it is still only supposed to stay on your skin temporarily. Here are some tips to keeping your skin looking beautiful, and break-out free.

1. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, plan ahead and have makeup removers ready.
It’s best to have a makeup remover for the face, and have a separate “Waterproof Makeup Remover” for your eye & lip makeup. Or you can opt for the convenient “Makeup Remover Wipes”. Just make sure they’re formulated for waterproof makeup, and remember to wash your face with cleanser after taking off makeup.

2. What about the false lashes? Do I yank them off?
No! Never just yank off the false lashes.
Soak a cotton pad/ball (no cotton? Kleenex will do) with eye makeup remover and leave on the lids and lashes for ~20 seconds. The lash glue will soften, and this is when you can gently pull off the lashes, without losing all your real lashes.

3. Making sure your face is clean.
If you can see traces of foundation on your face after your attempt to make-off, your face is not clean.
If you’re not sure, you can soak a cotton pad with toner and gently wipe your face. If you see any color, better wash again.
There are many cleaning devices on the market now that will help you make sure your face is clean. Some are quite the investment, but in our minds, an investment is better than dealing with break-outs.

4. Moisturize your skin.
Makeup removers and face wash are meant to clean, but they can strip away the natural oils our skin needs. Moisturize with your daily skincare routine to restore the balance, or do a hydrating mask to reward your skin after a long day. Healthy skin should feel supple and a little cool to the touch. In case you didn’t know, dryness can also cause break-outs and sensitive skin.

5. Wash your hair with conditioner first.
It’s a good idea to wash your hair when you’ve had it styled. Hairstyling products can easily clog pores, making your scalp sensitive and making you break out. Some products can also transfer onto your pillowcase, making you sleep on a bed of hairspray and wax and gel without even knowing it.
If it’s hard to brush out the hairdo, rinse with warm water first, and soak your hair with conditioner (avoiding the scalp) for about 3 minutes. Warm water and conditioner will soften the strongest hold hairspray. Gently brush out your hair with wide-tooth comb and proceed to wash with shampoo.

We hope these tips will make you look and feel beautiful, even days after you take off the makeup we so proudly did on you!

 Monica, Manning & Betty