Be like a Pro: Lorac Pro palette !

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People always ask me: What is the one thing in your kit you absolutely love and need. As a makeup junkie and a liberal lover to all cosmetic products, I have a clear answer for that: The Lorac Pro palette!

Before I met this baby, I had numerous neutral eye shadow palettes. Either I bought it pre-made or I self-assembled. With the many that I had, I was still in the hunt of the "Holy Grail" palette until I met Lorac Pro Palette !!  This palette is simply amazing. It consists of sixteen eyeshadows, (half are shimmery, half are matte). You have your basic light to dark matte color, and it comes with warm and cool tone neutrals. The eyeshadows are ultra-pigmented and can be applied wet or dry.  The package is super slick and light weight. Even though it is made with cardboard (I think), I found it very durable.  If I can only keep one eyeshadow palette in my kit, this would be it!

The first step in becoming a pro -- try this Lorac Pro Palette!


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