Long Beach Japanese Garden Wedding : Sarah + Banny

Sarah is a good friend of mine. When I know she is getting married, I know I have to be one to doll her up on her wedding day!

 I always think makeup and hair styling is very personal. It is an art and it can be done so differently depends on each individual's feature and preference. It takes a lot of communication and time to get to know a person well.  That's why here in Studio mm&b, we take that personal connection with our clients so seriously. We are not just a makeup artist for your wedding day, we want to be your friend. We don't just have you sit on our chair and rush the session to get to our next client. We take time with each of our clients to really understand them and  to create a look just for her. The one and the only !

Since I have known Sarah for a long time. It is so easy for me to get her vision. She likes her eye makeup smokey but keep her foundation light and clean. She concerned about her eye shapes being uneven which it happens to almost every one. There is hardly a person has perfectly symmetrical features!  With the right technique, that will no longer be a problem ;)

Sarah and Ben are two of the coolest people I know. They are chill as cucumbers on their wedding day.  There is no stress, but joy and laughter through out the day.  And for me, this is what a perfect wedding day should be!


 | Photographer: Chocolate Photography | Ceremony : Japanese Garden, Long Beach | Reception : Mission 261 |

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